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Topoisomerase IIbeta (Top2b) is an enzyme that modulates DNA supercoiling by catalyzing the passage of DNA duplexes through one another. It is ubiquitously expressed in postmitotic cells and known to function during the development of neuromuscular junctions in the diaphragm and the proper formation of laminar structure in the cerebral cortex. However, due(More)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a serious global problem, and present therapeutics are inadequate to cure HCV infection. In the present study, various antiviral assays show that As2O3 at submicromolar concentrations is capable of inhibiting HCV replication. The 50% effective concentration (EC50) of As2O3 required to inhibit HCV replication was 0.35 microM when(More)
Mitochondria play important roles in providing metabolic energy and key metabolites for synthesis of cellular building blocks. Mitochondria have additional functions in other cellular processes, including programmed cell death and aging. A previous study revealed Drosophila mitochondrial topoisomerase III alpha (Top3α) contributes to the maintenance of the(More)
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