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Effects of Penetration Enhancer on Transdermal Permeation of Complex Scutellaria Baicalensis Cataplasm
OBJECTIVE:To study the effects of different penetration enhancer on the transdermal permeation of Complex Scutellaria Baicalensis cataplasm.METHODS:The transdermal permeation test was performed exExpand
Breeding of new high-quality mango cultivar Jinguixiangmang.
Jinguixiangmang was selected from the open-pollinated seedlings of mango. The fruit shape is spindle-long ellip- tic, weighing 260 g on average, but reaching 330 g,containing a soluble solids contentExpand
Application Research of Refinement of Calcium Lactate by Double Water Phase Extraction
The influence of factors such as molecular weight and concentration of polyethylene glycol(PEG) in the PEG/phosphate double water phase system on the distribution coefficient and rate of extractionExpand
The relationship of fibres with dyes, aids or media in dyeing process
The relationship between fibres and dyes, aids or media in dyeing system is discussed in this paper. With the aid of it, suitable dyes, aids and media can be selected to dye the fibres in order toExpand
Effects of Factors on Shelf-life of Fruits and Vegetables
Effects on shelf-life of fruits and vegetables of factors including variety, growth development, havesting, storage, cold-chain, post-processing and packaging were summarized. At last, the predictionExpand
A New High-quality Longan Cultivar ‘Guimi’
'Guimi'is a new longan cultivar which was selected from longan seedling in Guangxi.The fruit is nearly round in size.The single fruit weight is 10.1 g.The flesh is creamy white,translucent,thick,withExpand
Study of Performance of Absorption Cd~(2+) by Aspheric Crosslinking Chitosan Resin
Performance of absorption Cd 2+ by aspheric crosslinking chitosan resin is studied.The effect of different factors such as kinds of crosslinking agent,time of reaction,temperature on the performanceExpand