Ren Gang

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Articulation curves were constructed for 32 elderly listeners with hearing according to previously established decadal age norms. Each function was specifically examined for the presence of rollover, a previously determined indicator of retrocochlear pathology. Rollover exhibited by six subjects was an age-related phenomenon. It is suggested that normal(More)
In this paper we propose a real-time signal processing framework for musical audio that 1) aligns the audio with an existing music score or creates a musical score by automated music transcription algorithms; and 2) obtains the expressive feature descriptors of music performance by comparing the score with the audio. Real-time audio seg-mentation algorithms(More)
—Music performance conveys profound music understanding and artistic expression in musical sound. These performance-related dimensions can be extracted from audio and encoded as musical expressive features, which is based on a high-dimensional sequential data structure. In this paper we propose a structure learning based method using probabilistic graphical(More)
This paper presents a method of extracting reverberation features from music recordings. First, we perform a short time Fourier transform to transform the audio signal into a 2D time-frequency representation in which reverberation features appear as blurring of spectral features in the time dimension. Employing image analysis method we may quantitatively(More)
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