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  • R P Gang
  • 1976
Articulation curves were constructed for 32 elderly listeners with hearing according to previously established decadal age norms. Each function was specifically examined for the presence of rollover, a previously determined indicator of retrocochlear pathology. Rollover exhibited by six subjects was an age-related phenomenon. It is suggested that normal(More)
In this paper we propose a real-time signal processing framework for musical audio that 1) aligns the audio with an existing music score or creates a musical score by automated music transcription algorithms; and 2) obtains the expressive feature descriptors of music performance by comparing the score with the audio. Real-time audio seg-mentation algorithms(More)
We present a framework to provide a quantitative representation of aspects of musical sound that are associated with musical expressiveness and emotions. After a brief introduction to the background of expressive features in music, we introduce a score to audio mapping algorithm based on dynamic time warping, which segments the audio by comparing it to a(More)
In this paper we present a transcription method for polyphonic music. The short time Fourier transform is used first to decompose an acoustic signal into sonic partials in a time-frequency representation. In general the segmented partials exhibit distinguishable features if they originate from different “voices” in the polyphonic mix. We(More)
We propose generative modeling algorithms that analyze the temporal features of non-stationary signals and represent their temporal structural dependencies using hierarchical probabilistic graphical models. First, several template sampling methods are introduced to embed the temporal signal features into multiple instantiations of statistical variables.(More)
We consider a new source coding problem motivated by the following distributed estimation task in a clustered sensor network. Suppose there are multiple uncorrelated signal sources in the field that we are interested in, however, these sources cannot be directly observed by the sensors. Sensors within each cluster communicate directly with their(More)
The effect of inorganic ions on Fenton¡¯s reagent to degrade phenol in water is studied. Experimental results show that ferric ions can enhance the catalyst-oxidation ability of Fenton¡¯s reagent. Phosphate, chloride ions, copper ions and carbonate ions will suppress the catalyst-oxidation ability, and the inhibition ability of ions(More)
This paper presents a method of extracting reverberation features from music recordings. First, we perform a short time Fourier transform to transform the audio signal into a 2D time-frequency representation in which reverberation features appear as blurring of spectral features in the time dimension. Employing image analysis method we may quantitatively(More)
Equilibrium models have extremely important application in traffic assignment, but it is difficult to provide the objective function of equilibrium models with intuitive or economic explanation. After establishing an analogy between one-way transportation networks and circuit networks, this paper directly derives the mathematical programming formula of user(More)