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Interest has been growing in the use of multiple sensors to increase the capabilities of intelligent systems. The issues involved in integrating multiple sensorsinto the operation of a system are presented in the context of the type of information these sensors can uniquely provide. The advantages gained through the synergistic use of multisensory(More)
We design a "two-layered" dynamic power management strategy in our sensor node to reduce the power consumption. There are many factors such as the probability of event generation, the battery status, the coverage problem, and the communication situations in our consideration. In network communication, we propose an asynchronous awakening scheme so that each(More)
The objective of this paper is to review the theories and approaches of multisensor fusion and integration (MFI) with its application in mechatronics. MFI helps the system perceiving changes of the environment and monitoring the system itself. Since each individual sensor has its own inherent defects and limitations, MFI merges the redundant information(More)
Indoor monitoring system for robot and human is an important issue in robotics research. In this study, we propose an indoor monitoring system based on wireless and pyroelectric infrared (WPIR) sensory fusion system. Pyroelectric infrared (PIR) system alone for localization provides less accurate information of human location and suffers from multiple(More)