Ren-Bin Xiao

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This paper describes an algorithm based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) for the unequal circles packing problem. Three strategies are used to enlarge the searching space of PSO. First, the positions of particles are periodically reinitialized to help the algorithm in escaping from local minimums, where the circles with more overlap gain more chance to(More)
Nature-inspired algorithms have gained immense popularity in recent years to tackle hard real world (NP hard and NP complete) problems and solve complex optimization functions whose actual solution doesn't exist. The paper presents a comprehensive review of 12 nature inspired algorithms. This study provides the researchers with a single platform to(More)
The Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm is a swarm intelligence based algorithm, which simulate the foraging behavior of honey bee colonies. It has been widely applied to solve the real-world problem. However, ABC has good exploration but poor exploitation abilities, and its convergence speed is also an issue in some cases. In order to overcome these(More)
This paper propose an innovative method of modeling complex information system based-on axiomatic design combined with object-oriented method. Refine this method to 6 steps for modeling information system. Verify its practicability in modeling complex information system by designing social insurance information system in China. Present total design matrix(More)
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