Renée Weber

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Clones containing nine different larval and adult globin genes have been isolated from two genomic libraries of Xenopus laevis. They encompass three distinct DNA regions: a 70 kb region containing five genes in the order 5'-alpha Lla-alpha Llb-alpha Al-beta Al-beta Lla-3', all with the same transcriptional polarity; a 40 kb region with three genes, 5'-alpha(More)
Vitellogenin is synthesized under estrogen control in the liver, extensively modified, transported to the ovary, and there processed to the yolk proteins lipovitellin and phosvitin. In the frog Xenopus laevis there are at least four distinct but related vitellogenin genes. The two genes A1 and A2 have a 95 percent sequence homology in their messenger RNA(More)
Vitellogenin, the yolk protein precursor, is produced in X. laevis liver from a 6.3 kilobase (kb) mRNA. Sequences of this mRNA have been transcribed into cDNA and cloned in E. coli. Some properties of 21 of these cloned DNAs, ranging in size from 1 to 3.7 kb, have been reported by Wahli et al. (1978b). This paper reports restriction endonuclease mapping,(More)
To understand the mechanism of estrogen-induced activation of the vitellogenin genes in the liver of Xenopus, it is essential to characterize the transcriptional products of these genes. In this paper we describe large nuclear RNAs containing vitellogenin mRNA sequences as revealed by hybridization of cloned vitellogenin cDNAs to nuclear RNA separated on(More)
Encephalitozoon cuniculi is an obligate intracellular, spore-forming parasite belonging to the microsporidia that can cause disseminated infection in immunocompromised persons. E. cuniculi spores infect host cells by germination, i.e., by explosively everting the polar filament, through which the spore contents (sporoplasms) are subsequently injected into(More)
A significant proportion of the acetylcholinesterase that is present in the electric organ of Torpedo californica exists as a presynaptic membrane molecule. The monoclonal antibody Tor 23 binds the Torpedo presynaptic nerve membrane where it recognizes a polypeptide of 68,000 daltons. Our present studies indicate that Tor 23 identifies acetylcholinesterase.(More)
An effort has been made to integrate insights on charge-based interactions in immune complex glomerulonephritis with nuclear antigen involvement in lupus nephritis. Attention was focussed on the histones, a group of highly cationic nuclear constituents, which could be expected to bind to fixed anionic sites present in the glomerular basement membrane (GBM).(More)