Renée Joskow

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BACKGROUND Bisphenol A (BPA) is a common component of composites and dental sealants. The potential exists for human exposure after sealant placement. METHODS The authors prospectively enrolled 15 men in an exposure assessment study; 14 completed the study. After placement of clinically appropriate amounts of one of two sealants, the authors measured BPA(More)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Health of Haiti during an outbreak of over 100 cases of acute illness and death in the northern region of Haiti during a 4-month period beginning in November 2000. The epidemiologic, clinical, and laboratory findings in this investigation indicated the(More)
Hurricane Katrina's impact on the infrastructure of public health and the health care system in the affected areas was unprecedented in the United States. Many dental offices were flood-bound in New Orleans and over 60% of dental practices were partially or completely damaged in affected counties in Mississippi. Most needs assessments conducted during the(More)
Women's health, including oral health, is an evolving science with foundation knowledge from many disciplines. Key milestones, particularly in the last decade, provide a roadmap towards the necessary inclusion of gender into dental practice. Such focus is especially important for the evolving role of oral health care providers as primary health care(More)
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