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Teaching sunspots: Disciplinary identity and scholarly practice in the Collegio Romano
This article examines how Jesuit Gabriele Beati (1607–1673) taught the subject of sunspots in two textbooks commemorating his teaching of natural philosophy and mathematics at the Collegio Romano.Expand
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Making sense of Day 1 of the Two New Sciences: Galileo’s Aristotelian-inspired agenda and his Jesuit readers
Abstract This study proposes an explanation for the choice of topics Galileo addressed in Day 1 of his 1638 Two New Sciences , a section of the work which has long puzzled historians of science. IExpand
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Printing Galileo's Discorsi: A Collaborative Affair
Summary This contribution examines the history of the production of Galileo's 1638 Discorsi. It provides a detailed narrative of Galileo's and his collaborators' attempts to secure a printer for theExpand
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Galileo: Watcher of the Skies
David Wootton discloses to the reader on page 182 that his aim is to provide an intellectual biography of Galileo Galilei. But this book does not. Wootton's aim is rather to re-enter, re-open or evenExpand
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Galileo's Discorsi as a Tool for the Analytical Art
Summary A heretofore overlooked response to Galileo's 1638 Discorsi is described by examining two extant copies of the text (one which has received little attention in the historiography, the otherExpand
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Galileo's Discorsi and Mersenne's Nouvelles Pensées: Mersenne as a Reader of Galilean "Experience".
title ABSTRACT /title This study examines Marin Mersenne's 1639 Nouvelles Pensees de Galilee, a translation and adaptation of Galileo Galilei's 1638 Discorsi. I use the translation as a window intoExpand
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Silver by Fire, Silver by Mercury: A Chemical History of Silver Refining in New Spain and Mexico, 16th to 19th Centuries
dentally – grandfather of the author, a freelance journalist and editor. Born in 1900, Charles A. Thomas obtained a degree in chemistry at MIT in 1924. He was one of the founders of the Thomas &Expand
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Introduction: Forms and Functions of Early Modern Celestial Imagery
The articles in this collection are based on talks given at a workshop of the project “Diagrams, figures, and the transformation of astronomy” based in the Department of History and Philosophy ofExpand