Renée Brandely

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We report here the successful vectorization of a hamster monoclonal IgG (namely J43) recognizing the murine Programmed cell death-1 (mPD-1) in Western Reserve (WR) oncolytic vaccinia virus. Three forms of mPD-1 binders have been inserted into the virus: whole antibody (mAb), Fragment antigen-binding (Fab) or single-chain variable fragment (scFv). MAb, Fab(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess a new adenovirus-based immunotherapy as a novel treatment approach to chronic hepatitis B (CHB). METHODS TG1050 is a non-replicative adenovirus serotype 5 encoding a unique large fusion protein composed of a truncated HBV Core, a modified HBV Polymerase and two HBV Envelope domains. We used a recently described HBV-persistent mouse(More)
The sequences encoding the core proteins p55, p25, and p18 of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) have been inserted into the vaccinia virus genome. Infection of cultured cells with the live recombinant viruses led to the expression of proteins that were recognized by sera from HIV-seropositive individuals. Immunization of mice with the recombinant(More)
UNLABELLED To identify novel stimulators of the innate immune system, we constructed a panel of eight HEK293 cell lines double positive for human Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and an NF-κB-inducible reporter gene. Screening of a large variety of compounds and cellular extracts detected a TLR3-activating compound in a microsomal yeast extract. Fractionation of(More)
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