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Evidence exists that early life experiences may influence development of characteristic feeding patterns in dairy cattle. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of milk feeding level on performance and development of feeding patterns in dairy calves. Twenty Holstein bull calves were assigned at birth to a milk replacer feeding level, fed(More)
Lameness in sows has an economic impact on pig production and is a major welfare concern. The aim of the present project was to develop methods to evaluate and quantify lameness in breeding sows. Five methods to study lameness were compared between themselves and with visual gait scoring used as a reference: footprint analysis, kinematics, accelerometers,(More)
We report on the appearance of parathyroid, thyroid, and cervical thymic cysts on computed tomography (CT) scans. The differential diagnostic considerations include thyroglossal and branchial cleft cysts, cystic hygromas, primary and metastatic tumors, dermoids, teratomas, choristomas, tracheoesophageal and cervical bronchogenic cysts, as well as cystic(More)
Experience with 81 gas computed tomography (CT) cisternography procedures in 79 patients in searching for acoustic neuroma is reported. Twenty-one tumors, four exclusively intracanalicular, were demonstrated after standard contrast-enhanced CT was negative. Fifty-five examinations were negative; four were inconclusive. The high resolution scanner with(More)
This study examined how early exposure to different feed presentations affects development of feed sorting in dairy calves. Twenty Holstein bull calves were exposed for the first 8 wk of life to 1 of 2 feed presentation treatments: concentrate and chopped grass hay (<2.5cm) offered ad libitum at a ratio of 7:3 as a mixture (MIX), or as separate components(More)