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Women in the Boardroom and Their Impact on Governance and Performance
We show that female directors have a significant impact on board inputs and firm outcomes. In a sample of US firms, we find that female directors have better attendance records than male directors,Expand
A Theory of Friendly Boards
We analyze the consequences of the board's dual role as advisor as well as monitor of management. Given this dual role, the CEO faces a trade-off in disclosing information to the board: If he revealsExpand
Powerful CEOs and Their Impact on Corporate Performance
Executives can only impact firm outcomes if they have influence over crucial decisions. Based on this idea we develop and test the hypothesis that firms whose CEOs have more decision-making powerExpand
Is Corporate Governance Different for Bank Holding Companies?
1. INTRODUCTION In the wake of the recent corporate scandals, corporate governance practices have received heightened attention. Shareholders, creditors, regulators, and academics are examining theExpand
Bank Board Structure and Performance: Evidence for Large Bank Holding Companies
The subprime crisis highlights how little we know about bank governance. This paper addresses a long-standing gap in the literature by analyzing the relationship between board governance andExpand
Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Does Gender Matter?
We show that female and male directors differ systematically in their core values and risk attitudes, but in ways that differ from gender differences in the general population. Expand
Understanding the Relationship between Founder-CEOs and Firm Performance
We use instrumental variables methods to disentangle the effect of founder–CEOs on performance from the effect of performance on founder–CEO status. Our instruments for founder–CEO status are theExpand
Governance and the Financial Crisis
Should boards of financial firms be blamed for the financial crisis' Using a large sample of data on nonfinancial and financial firms for the period 1996-2007, I document that the governance ofExpand
One Share, One Vote: The Empirical Evidence
We survey the empirical literature on disproportional ownership, i.e. the use of mechanisms that separate voting rights from cash flow rights in corporations. Our focus is mostly on explicitExpand
Do Directors Perform for Pay
Many corporations reward their outside directors with a modest fee for each board meeting they attend. Using a large panel data set on director attendance behavior in publicly-listed firms for theExpand