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Between September 1982 and April 1988, 60 cirrhotic patients with prior variceal hemorrhage were randomized to undergo the placement of an elective shunt (distal splenorenal: 26; nonselective: 4) or long-term endoscopic sclerotherapy (n = 30). Eighty-six percent of patients had alcoholic cirrhosis, and 33% were classified as Child's class C. After a mean(More)
Since 1978, the operation chosen for patients with variceal hemorrhage has been based on preoperative hemodynamic and clinical factors. One hundred sixteen consecutive patients were managed with the following operations: distal splenorenal shunt (75 patients), nonselective shunts (33 patients), and nonshunting operation (8 patients). Emergency surgery was(More)
Plasma diamine oxidase (DAO) activity may reflect intestinal involvement in Crohn's disease. The purpose of this study was to develop a simple heparin stimulation test for assessing postheparin plasma diamine oxidase activity in Crohn's disease. Ten volunteers and five patients with Crohn's disease received 1000 units and 3000 units of heparin intravenously(More)
We report 66 patients undergoing 69 operations for chronic renal artery occlusive diseases operated on at two institutions between January 1985 and June 1990. Etiology was atherosclerosis in 59 patients (90%); fibromuscular disease in four (6%), and three children with nonfibromuscular disease stenosis (4%). Atherosclerosis was local in 10 and generalized(More)
Health Issues: Differences exist in the prevalence and physical health impacts of problem substance use among men and women. These differences are also found in the mental health and trauma events related to substance use, barriers to treatment and harm-reduction services and the impact of substance use on pregnancy and parenting. Data from the 2000–2001(More)
Patients with cirrhosis who had undergone the distal splenorenal shunt were grouped based on preoperative to early postoperative changes in hepatic portal perfusion and corrected sinusoidal pressure. Early and late postoperative morbidity and mortality rates were determined for each hemodynamic group. Morbidity was least when both hepatic portal perfusion(More)
Methacholine chloride bronchoprovocation challenges are performed for the diagnosis and investigation of hyperreactive airways. Over the last 20 yrs various formulations and pH values for the preparation of solutions of methacholine have been described. To determine the stability of methacholine chloride solutions prepared in a variety of buffers with(More)
Overuse of tranquillizers (e.g., Valium, Ativan, Xanax) is frequently overlooked in substance-abuse treatment. This paper presents findings on the prevalence and frequency of tranquillizer use and concurrent substance use in women undergoing substance-abuse treatment. Ninety-eight women in 9 short-term, residential, women-only treatment centres in the(More)