René van den Berg

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Embedded media applications have real-time constraints such as throughput and latency. In this paper we show that a tight bound on the minimum throughput can be computed with a cyclo static dataflow model that represents the application executed on the multiprocessor system-on-chip. We identify the sources that affect the tightness of the computed bound.(More)
Efficient use of the memory hierarchy is critical for achieving high performance in a multiprocessor system-on-chip. An external memory that is shared between processors is a bottleneck in current and future systems. Cache misses and a large cache miss penalty contribute to a low processor utilisation. In this paper, we describe a novel cache optimisation(More)
In an embedded multiprocessor system the minimum throughput and maximum latency of real-time applications are usually derived given the worst-case execution time of the software tasks. Derivation of the worst-case execution time becomes easier if it is independent of the available communication bandwidth. In this paper we show that the worst-case execution(More)
One of the most difficult challenges of associating virtual environments and real-world events deals with integrating real-world, tracked individuals into a virtual environment: while virtual individuals may interact with the avatars of real-world individuals, the latter obviously do not respond to the behaviour of the virtual individuals. To prevent(More)
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