René van den Berg

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Embedded media applications have real-time constraints such as throughput and latency. In this paper we show that a tight bound on the minimum throughput can be computed with a cyclo static dataflow model that represents the application executed on the multiprocessor system-on-chip. We identify the sources that affect the tightness of the computed bound.(More)
This paper presents a new multi-core architecture for in-car digital entertainment. Target functions vary from terrestrial reception, digital reception, and compressed audio, up to handsfree voice with acoustic echo cancellation and USB media playback, possibly in different user modes like single versus dual media sound. In the near future, new functions(More)
A case of a Suriname female occipito-parietal to occipito-parieto-temporal craniopagus twins is described. The girls were transferred to the VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for further diagnostics and to analyze whether surgical separation was feasible and ethically justifiable. The multifactorial aspects of different(More)
The authors describe a 25-year old patient with blunt trauma-induced bilateral, distal segment internal carotid artery (ICA) lacerations, resulting in a left-sided direct carotid-cavernous sinus fistula (CCF) and presenting with massive oronasal bleeding. The combination of severe oronasal bleeding, with air in the carotid canal should alarm the treating(More)
Intracranial developmental venous anomalies (DVAs) are considered benign vascular dispositions; they are asymptomatic in the vast majority of cases. They represent extreme variations of the venous drainage and may rarely be responsible for focal venous ischemia leading to neurological dysfunction. The aim of the study is to analyze a group of patients with(More)
An apparatus is described for the quantitative assessment of important parameters that characterise motor performance in normal subjects and in patients with different types of motor disorders. The apparatus has a handle that can be moved along a straight horizontal track either by the subject (to study voluntary movements) or by a torque motor (to study(More)
Novel postprocessing techniques have enabled accurate quantification of intracranial carotid atherosclerotic disease on CT Angiography (CTA). Our purpose was to estimate the prevalence of intracranial carotid artery disease, i.e., stenosis and calcium, on CTA in patients with recent neurological symptoms. The degree of stenosis and calcium volume of 162(More)
Efficient use of the memory hierarchy is critical for achieving high performance in a multiprocessor system-on-chip. An external memory that is shared between processors is a bottleneck in current and future systems. Cache misses and a large cache miss penalty contribute to a low processor utilisation. In this paper, we describe a novel cache optimisation(More)
Providing real-time guarantees in complex, heterogeneous, and embedded multiprocessor systems is an important issue because they affect the perceived quality. Digital signal processing algorithms are often modeled with dataflow models. A guaranteed minimum throughput can be computed from such dataflow model. In this paper we analyze three causes for the(More)