René van de Molengraft

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—This paper presents a frequency domain identification of dynamic model parameters for frictional presliding behavior. The identification procedure for the dynamic model parameters, i.e., 1) the stiffness and 2) the damping of the pres-liding phenomenon, is reduced from performing several dedicated experiments to one experiment where the system is excited(More)
— Robots increasingly operate in dynamic environments and in order to operate safely, reliable world models are indispensable. A world model is the robot's view of the world and contains information about obstacle locations and velocities. A two level algorithm is proposed. It is of particular use for teams of cooperating robots and the algorithm is based(More)
In this paper, we present the core concept and the benefits of an approach called RoboEarth which will be highly beneficial for future robotic applications in science and industry. RoboEarth is a world-wide platform which robots can use to exchange position and map information as well as task-related, hardware-independent action recipes. This will enable(More)
— In this paper, an overview is given of how the path from vision to motion has been developed in the TechUnited team. The vision module includes: (i) color calibration using a union of convex hulls to select an area in the 3D-colorspace, (ii) automatic calibration of the mapping from the camera image to the field via a genetic algorithm, (iii) self(More)