René de Jesús Romero-Troncoso

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Singular value decomposition (SVD) allows the factorization of real or complex matrices providing quantitative information with fewer dimensions along which data points exhibit more variation. These days SVD computation is being used in numerous applications, and because of its importance, different approaches for SVD hardware computation have been(More)
Induction motors are critical components for most industries. Induction motor failures may yield an unexpected interruption at the industry plant. Several conventional vibration and current analysis techniques exist by which certain faults in rotating machinery can be identified; however, they generally deal with a single fault only. Instead, in real(More)
Nowadays industry pays much attention to prevent failures that may interrupt production with severe consequences in cost, product quality, and safety. The most-analyzed parameters for monitoring dynamic characteristics and ensuring correct functioning of systems are electric current, voltage, and vibrations. System-on-chip (SoC) design is an approach to(More)
Plant responses to physiological function disorders are called symptoms and they are caused principally by pathogens and nutritional deficiencies. Plant symptoms are commonly used as indicators of the health and nutrition status of plants. Nowadays, the most popular method to quantify plant symptoms is based on visual estimations, consisting on evaluations(More)
Flexible manipulator robots have a wide industrial application. Robot performance requires sensing its position and orientation adequately, known as forward kinematics. Commercially available, motion controllers use high-resolution optical encoders to sense the position of each joint which cannot detect some mechanical deformations that decrease the(More)
Machine monitoring is one of the major concerns in modern industry in order to guarantee the overall efficiency during the production process. Several monitoring techniques for machinery failure detection have been developed, being vibration analysis one of the most important techniques. The typical equipment used for vibration analysis is a general purpose(More)