René de Jesús Romero-Troncoso

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Nowadays industry pays much attention to prevent failures that may interrupt production with severe consequences in cost, product quality, and safety. The most-analyzed parameters for monitoring dynamic characteristics and ensuring correct functioning of systems are electric current, voltage, and vibrations. System-on-chip (SoC) design is an approach to(More)
Jerk monitoring, defined as the first derivative of acceleration, has become a major issue in computerized numeric controlled (CNC) machines. Several works highlight the necessity of measuring jerk in a reliable way for improving production processes. Nowadays, the computation of jerk is done by finite differences of the acceleration signal, computed at the(More)
Singular value decomposition (SVD) allows the factorization of real or complex matrices providing quantitative information with fewer dimensions along which data points exhibit more variation. These days SVD computation is being used in numerous applications, and because of its importance, different approaches for SVD hardware computation have been(More)
Recent developments on programmable logic technology had promoted the microprocessor design task from big companies targeting the mass market to the every day designer as intellectual property (IP) cores toward the system on-a-chip (SOC) approach. This paper shows the VHDL IP 8-bit CISC microprocessor core development which is intended as an open core for(More)
Preventive maintenance on machinery is one of the major concerns in industry. Induction motors represent 85% of the total power consumption in the world and several faults related to these motors that increase the power consumption are not easily detected; therefore, periodic fault monitoring is mandatory. There are several techniques for fault detection in(More)