René de Jesús Romero-Troncoso

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Power quality monitoring is a theme in vogue and accurate frequency measurement of the power line is a major issue. This problem is particularly relevant for power generating systems since the generated signal must comply with restrictive standards. The novelty of this work is the development of a smart sensor for real-time high-resolution frequency(More)
Manufacturing processes are of great relevance nowadays, when there is a constant claim for better productivity with high quality at low cost. The contribution of this work is the development of a fused smart-sensor, based on FPGA to improve the online quantitative estimation of flank-wear area in CNC machine inserts from the information provided by two(More)
—Early detection of failures in equipment is one of the most important concerns to industry. Many techniques have been developed for early failure detection in induction motors. There is the necessity of low-cost instrumentation for online multichannel measurement and analysis of vibration in the frequency domain, and this could be fixed to the machine for(More)
Intelligent robotics demands the integration of smart sensors that allow the controller to efficiently measure physical quantities. Industrial manipulator robots require a constant monitoring of several parameters such as motion dynamics, inclination, and vibration. This work presents a novel smart sensor to estimate motion dynamics, inclination, and(More)
This paper shows the development of a 1024-point radix-4 FFT VHDL core for applications in hardware signal processing, targeting low-cost FPGA technologies. The developed core is targeted into a Xilinx ® Spartan ™-3 XC3S200 FPGA with the inclusion of a VGA display interface and an external 16-bit data acquisition system for performance evaluation purposes.(More)
Plant responses to physiological function disorders are called symptoms and they are caused principally by pathogens and nutritional deficiencies. Plant symptoms are commonly used as indicators of the health and nutrition status of plants. Nowadays, the most popular method to quantify plant symptoms is based on visual estimations, consisting on evaluations(More)