René W M Schepers

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Medical audit has been introduced among hospital specialists in both the Netherlands and England. In the Netherlands following some local experiments, medical audit was promoted nationally as early as 1976 by the medical profession itself and became a mandatory activity under the Hospital Licensing Act of 1984. In England it was the government who promoted(More)
Widespread veterinary use of antimicrobials might contribute to the increasing burden of antimicrobial resistance. Despite many successful efforts to reduce veterinary antimicrobial use in the Netherlands, antimicrobial use on a substantial number of farms has remained relatively high over the past few years. Farm-specific solutions are required to further(More)
At the end of 1993, the Dutch parliament passed the Individual Health Care Professions Bill which replaced existing legislation. The new Act brings to an end the monopoly of the Dutch medical profession. The former prohibition on alternative practitioners to practice medicine was abolished. This article addresses the question of whether the Act affects the(More)
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