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CONTEXT Dementia is common, costly, and highly age related. Little attention has been paid to the identification of modifiable lifestyle habits for its prevention. OBJECTIVE To explore the association between physical activity and the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia. DESIGN, SETTING, AND SUBJECTS Data come from a community sample of 9008(More)
A prospective analysis of risk factors for Alzheimer's disease was a major objective of the Canadian Study of Health and Aging, a nationwide, population-based study. Of 6,434 eligible subjects aged 65 years or older in 1991, 4,615 were alive in 1996 and participated in the follow-up study. All participants were cognitively normal in 1991 when they completed(More)
BACKGROUND Recent reports suggest a possibly protective effect for statins in patients with Alzheimer disease. This association could be due to indication bias, i.e., people who elect to take lipid-lowering agents (LLAs) may be healthier than those who do not, so that it may be these other health factors that explain their lower risk of dementia. (More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Very few population-based studies have systematically examined incident vascular dementia (VaD). From the Canadian Study of Health and Aging cohort, incidence rates of VaD were determined and risk factors analyzed. METHODS This was a cohort incidence study that followed 8623 subjects presumed to be free of dementia over a 5-year(More)
This case-control study was designed to reevaluate the association of the morphology of breast tissue seen on mammograms with breast cancer risk and to assess the relation of diet, especially intake of fat and vitamin A, to the high-risk mammographic images. The cases included 290 patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer who were first treated in Quebec(More)
The relations of body weight, height, and Quetelet index to axillary node involvement at diagnosis, estrogen receptor status, and histologic features of the primary tumor were examined in 656 patients with a newly diagnosed infiltrating breast carcinoma first treated in Québec City from July 1982 to December 1984. Node involvement increased with body weight(More)
The relation of diet, especially fat intake, to recognized prognostic indicators for breast cancer was investigated in 666 women with a newly diagnosed infiltrating breast carcinoma. Diet during the year preceding diagnosis was assessed by interview using a food frequency questionnaire covering the intake of 114 food items. Prognostic indicators included(More)
BACKGROUND Inappropriate medication use is a major healthcare issue for the elderly population. This study explored the prevalence of potentially inappropriate prescriptions (PIPs) in long-term care in metropolitan Quebec. METHODS A cross sectional chart review of 2,633 long-term care older patients of the Quebec City area was performed. An explicit(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to estimate the performance measures of MR angiography (MRA) in the diagnosis of aneurysm residual flow after coil occlusion. METHODS Patients having at least 1 cerebral aneurysm treated with coil occlusion were prospectively and consecutively enrolled. Time of flight and contrast-enhanced MRA were(More)
Insomnia is a significant problem that may jeopardize elderly residents' quality of life in long-term care settings. However, there are only a few studies dealing with sleeping disturbances among nursing home residents. The goal of this study was to determine the prevalence of insomnia and its associated factors in nursing home residents. A cross-sectional(More)