René Suhr

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The preparation and in vitro aromatase inhibitory activity of a wide variety of heterocyclic (4,4'-dichlorodiphenyl)methanes and -methanols are described. The choice of the two diaryl-bearing moieties as a vehicle for the evaluation of the heterocycles was made by the comparison of series of imidazole and pyridine-derived compounds with similar pyrimidine(More)
Combination of a one-pot coupling technique and the use of benzyl ethers as permanent protecting groups offered a short and simple route to dioscin-type saponins. This strategy in combination with a mild reductive opening procedure of the spiroketal function in diosgenin also offered a convenient approach to bidesmosidic furostan type saponins.(More)
The synthesis of mimetic of the steroid saponins 1 and 2 was investigated. As a substitute for the complex 22-homo-23-nor-steroid moieties A and B in 1 and 2 diosgenin was introduced. The silyl protected thioorthoester 20 was successfully employed for glucosylation. After selective 2--deacetylation, the glucosylated diosgenyl acceptor 23 was rhamnosylated.(More)
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