René Spijker

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BACKGROUND Cardiomyocytes derived from human embryonic stem (hES) cells could be useful in restoring heart function after myocardial infarction or in heart failure. Here, we induced cardiomyocyte differentiation of hES cells by a novel method and compared their electrophysiological properties and coupling with those of primary human fetal cardiomyocytes. (More)
The clinical application of stem cell therapies is still limited by the ability to produce defined, differentiated cell populations in large numbers in culture. High throughput screens to identify factors which enhance differentiation to particular lineages and promote expansion of precursors in culture are dependent on the development of sensitive and(More)
The gradual accumulation of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL) cells is presumed to derive from proliferation centers in lymph nodes and bone marrow. To what extent these cells possess the purported antiapoptotic phenotype of peripheral B-CLL cells is unknown. Recently, we have described that, in B-CLL samples from peripheral blood, aberrant apoptosis(More)
BACKGROUND Eosinophilic airway inflammation is associated with increased corticosteroid responsiveness in asthma, but direct airway sampling methods are invasive or laborious. Minimally invasive markers for airway eosinophilia could present an alternative method, but estimates of their accuracy vary. METHODS We did a systematic review and searched(More)
Throughout lymphocyte development, cellular persistence and expansion are tightly regulated by survival and apoptosis. Within the Bcl-2 family, distinct apoptogenic BH3-only members like Bid, Bim, and Puma appear to function in specific cell death pathways. We found that naive human T cells after mitogenic activation, apart from expected protective Bcl-2(More)
BACKGROUND The interest in prognostic reviews is increasing, but to properly review existing evidence an accurate search filer for finding prediction research is needed. The aim of this paper was to validate and update two previously introduced search filters for finding prediction research in Medline: the Ingui filter and the Haynes Broad filter. (More)
Recently, it has been described that patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) have increased numbers of regulatory T (T(reg)) cells. In the present study, we analysed the mechanism behind T(reg) cells expansion in CLL. Neither analysis of the T-cell receptor repertoire nor CD45 isoform expression of T(reg) cells from patients with CLL provided(More)
Genetic associations and the clinical success of compounds targeting TCR costimulatory proteins suggest an active role for TCR signaling in the initiation and perpetuation of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Paradoxically, T cells isolated from affected joints in RA show impaired proliferative and cytokine responses following stimulation with mitogens and recall(More)
The World Health Organization recommends malaria to be confirmed by either microscopy or a rapid diagnostic test (RDT) before treatment. The correct use of RDTs in resource-limited settings facilitates basing treatment onto a confirmed diagnosis; contributes to speeding up considering a correct alternative diagnosis, and prevents overprescription of(More)
In this paper we provide an overview of the fifth edition of the CLEF eHealth evaluation lab. CLEF eHealth 2017 continues our evaluation resource building efforts around the easing and support of patients, their next-of-kins, clinical staff, and health scientists in understanding, accessing, and authoring eHealth information in a multilingual setting. This(More)