René Schwesig

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PURPOSE To investigate the effect of long-term, not experimentally induced visual impairment on balance, and to clarify which means are used to compensate for this sensory deficit. METHODS Posturography was examined in 50 visually impaired subjects (11 with congenital blindness and 39 with acquired visual impairment) and 50 healthy controls. Examination(More)
Inertial sensor gait analysis systems (ISGAS) facilitate gait analysis in an unobstructed environment outdoors or outside of a conventional gait laboratory. However, their use in clinical settings and in large scale studies necessitates thorough evaluation of their performance in different settings and populations and reference data on healthy subjects. The(More)
Quantitative gait analysis plays an important role in neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation regarding the evaluation of rehabilitation progress. However, most of the currently available gait analysis systems share the disadvantage of being expensive, time-consuming, and complex. A promising alternative is the portable gait analysis system RehaWatch. It(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the intraobserver reliability (IR) of the handball-specific complex test (HBKT) and the validity of the HBKT and nonspecific tests. Thirty experienced players (25.7 ± 3.9 years) executed the HBKT twice (time interval: 2 days). Lactate, heart rate (HR), time, throwing velocity and number of errors were measured.(More)
The intraobserver reliabilities of the Interactive Balance System (IBS) and Vertiguard were compared in 30 asymptomatic volunteers. Relative reliability for all IBS single tasks and parameters in the IBS was excellent (intraclass correlation coefficient, ICC ≥0.75). The ICC values ranged from 0.78 to 0.89. The ICC values of the Vertiguard system ranged from(More)
Schwesig, R, Hermassi, S, Wagner, H, Fischer, D, Fieseler, G, Molitor, T, and Delank, K-S. Relationship between the range of motion and isometric strength of elbow and shoulder joints and ball velocity in women team handball players. J Strength Cond Res 30(12): 3428-3435, 2016-The aims of this study were to investigate relationships between isometric(More)
Nigrostriatal and cerebellar systems are important postural subsystems in neurologic rehabilitation. In this study, we investigated the ability to differentiate both systems via posturography and spectral analysis. This cross-sectional study included 156 study subjects with 52 individuals in each group (healthy controls, Parkinson's disease and cerebellar(More)
BACKGROUND Hippotherapy has become an important therapeutic option in patients suffering from motoric dysfunction. The physiologic basis of this approach is the three-dimensional transmission of the horse's motion onto the patients body. These motion stimuli are believed to exert possitve effects on the patients's postural control systems. AIM To test the(More)
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