René Schumann

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Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes affecting temporarily some otherwise healthy pregnant women. Current medical practices do not allow the doctors to monitor such patients as closely as needed. Pervasive Health is a discipline requiring distributed ICT infrastructures to help bridging the gap between the patients and the doctors. In this demo paper(More)
Traffic routing is a well established optimization problem in traffic management. We address here dynamic routing problems where the load of roads is taken into account dynamically , aiming at the optimization of required travel times. We investigate ant-based algorithms that can handle dynamic routing problems, but suffer from negative emergent effects(More)
Actual control and decision support systems rely more and more on distributed software systems. A central aspect in the design of these systems is the selection of an appropriate level of local autonomy of these subsystems in the decision making process. Most of the research focuses on the regulation of these entities towards an integration of centralized(More)
Aprocesscartography,or processmap,hierarchicallyclassifies thepro-cesses of an organization into meaningful domains. It provides an overview of the operations in theo rganization,e ases thei dentification of processes andf acilitates thec ommunication acrossd epartments. Switzerlandh as definedaunified cartog-raphy for E-Government Services (eCH-0145).I nt(More)
The Swiss eGovernment strategy promotes business process orientation of the public administration. Therefore public administrations have been strongly encouraged to document their business processes. The eCH standards have defined the foundations for the modeling. But in particular in smaller cantons and municipalities the business process identification(More)