René Schleiffer

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Brain CT studies of 35 patients with anorexia nervosa confirmed the observations of other authors: cerebral dystrophic changes correlate with weight loss and the reversibility of these changes also correlates with the normalization of body weight. Other corroborated facts are: the most numerous and most pronounced enlargements are of the cortical sulci and(More)
Cardiovascular effects of parathyroid hormone (PTH) have been recently described. Pharmacological doses of PTH both reduce arterial pressure and increase blood flow of vascular beds. Two possible cellular mechanisms were investigated: (a) transmembrane Ca2+ fluxes and (b) cyclic AMP response in vascular smooth muscle. In vivo, results in the rat show that(More)
The metabolism of the polyamines spermidine and spermine is known to be enhanced in rapidly proliferating cells. Methionine is a precursor of the aminopropyl moieties of these amines. Therefore, it was of interest to study the effects of a methionine supplemented diet on polyamine metabolism and preneoplastic changes occurring in the intestinal tract of(More)
Administration for 7 days of an enteral diet that is naturally deficient In polyamines strikinglyreduces thepreneopiastic changes observed in the intestines of adult Wistar rats previously treated with the carcinogen 1,2-dimethylhydrazine. On the contrary, supplementing the enteral diet with spermidine favors preneoplastic development. The effects of the(More)
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