René Schiefer

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The relationship between finger skin temperature (FST) and performance was demonstrated with four manual dexterity tasks all of which were performed by black and white, male and female subjects. At air temperatures below 24 degrees C the white subjects tended to have warmer FSTs than the black subjects; white subjects were also able to equal the performance(More)
tram get_tram() reset() (-) read_string() Tram abstract last read> ~ I Tram File TramSocket (-)String: tram_file (-)Integer: Socket tram_pending() tram_pending() reset() reset() (-) read_string() (-) read_string() FIGURE 36. Object model for the TramSource class The implementation of operation get_tram() is not really different for both cases, only the way(More)
Volunteer factory workers performed a series of tests in a mobile climate laboratory. The tests simulated factory skills and were performed at 6‡, 12‡, 18‡ or 24‡ C at low vapour pressures. At each temperature four groups of about 30 workers were tested: black men, and women and white men and women. A first order polynomial was used to fit the data for(More)
Software parallelization allows an eecient use of available computing power to increase the performance of applications. In a case study we have investigated the parallelization of high-energy physics event reconstruction software in terms of costs (eeort, computing resource requirements), beneets (performance increase), and the feasibility of a systematic(More)
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