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A method for automatically identifying areas of disagreement and their sources is presented for multiexpert knowledge-based systems in the context of the Prospector consultation system. It employs performance evaluation techniques in combination with the explanatory facilities present in many expert systems to assist the user of an expert system in deciding(More)
This article describes Syntel, a knowledge representation language used in building large‐scale expert systems for financial risk assessment. Syntel is an outgrowth of rule‐based systems such as MYCIN and network‐based systems such as Prospector. Unlike typical rule‐ or frame‐based expert system shells, however, Syntel is a data‐driven, purely functional(More)
This paper presents a functional overview of the features and capabilities of QLISP, one of the newest of the current generation of very high level languages developed for use in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. QLISP is both a programming language and an interactive programming environment. It embeds an extended version of QA4, an earlier AI(More)
Recently we have entered an era of intense government and i n d u s t r i a l i n t e r e s t in AI systems. In the development of robust AI systems, the ro le of the knowledge base Is extremely impor tan t . A s i g n i f i c a n t investment in knowledge base development w i l l be made over the next few years . Consequently the adequacy of cur rent(More)
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