René Rübenhagen

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Little is known about biochemical mediators that correlate with the initiation and progression of knee osteoarthritis (OA). We therefore valuated the roles of cytokines and metalloenzymes in knee OA in relation to OA grading, age, and BMI. PATIENTS AND METHODS A multiplex ELISA-based immunoassay (Luminex technology) was used to(More)
The glycine betaine carrier BetP of Corynebacterium glutamicum was recently shown to function both as an osmosensor and as an osmoregulator in proteoliposomes by sensing changes in the internal K(+) concentration as a measure of hyperosmotic stress. In vivo analysis of mutants carrying deletions at the C-terminal extension of BetP indicated that this domain(More)
BACKGROUND Allergen-specific IgE levels in human sera support the diagnosis of allergies. However, commonly used laboratory tests are time consuming. The new point-of-care test FastCheckPOC 20 (FCP20) allows the simultaneous and semi-quantitative evaluation of IgE antibodies for 20 aeroallergens and food allergens. METHODS Two hundred patients with(More)
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