René Pigeon

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Three diesel fuels, one oil sand-derived (OSD) diesel serving as base fuel, one cetane-enhanced base fuel, and one oxygenate [diethylene glycol dimethyl ether (DEDM)]-blended base fuel, were tested for their emission characterizations in vehicle exhaust on a light-duty diesel truck that reflects the engine technology of the 1994 North American standard.(More)
A real-time monitoring methodology to determine diesel fine particles in diesel emissions has been evaluated. The range of particle size captured by the monitor was approximately 0.1 microm to 1 microm. DustTrak real-time monitors were connected to the dilution tunnel of the vehicle exhaust to measure the emissions during the vehicle tests under both(More)
It is shown that it is possible to produce directly in an R.F. ion source 260 nA of 3He+(2S) ions, which can be subsequently polarized by a Lamb Shift method. The ion source has to operate with a low extraction voltage gradient to avoid quenching of the metastable 2S state. It is possible to estimate a final on target current of 100 nA of polarized 3He++(More)
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