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Zygosity diagnosis has been performed in 79 pairs of twins using three methods. Simple sequence repeat length polymorphism (SSLP) analysis allows an efficient classification (MZ or DZ) with only a few markers following a simplified technique of extraction and amplification. A method based on a full questionnaire completed by parents about twin similarity(More)
Two new esterase polymorphisms have been described in tissue homogenates of the four rat strains August/Orl, LEW/Orl, Long Evans/Orl, and WAG/Orl. Independent expression of these polymorphisms in the different strains and in various tissues of a particular animal agrees with the separate genetic control hypothesis; the gene symbols Es-4 and Es-5 have been(More)
The linkage of the hemoglobin (Hbb) and albino (c) loci has been determined from backcross progeny of the mating (WAG/Orl × Long Evans/Orl)F 1 × WAG/Orl. The data give 9.1 ± 1.8% recombination. The backcross (August/Orl × WAG/Orl)F 1 × August/Orl segregating for Hbb and pink-eyed yellow (p) shows 21.5±4.2% recombination. The proposed gene order on linkage(More)
Mercury-induced autoimmunity in Brown-Norway rats has been shown previously to be due to polyclonal activation of B lymphocytes, requiring the presence of T lymphocytes. Autoimmunity in that strain is characterised by the appearance of an autoimmune glomerulonephritis, by the production of a host of autoantibodies, and by an increase in total serum IgE. In(More)
The sexual dimorphism of aggression has led to a search for its Y chromosomal correlates. We have previously confirmed that initiation of attack behavior against a conspecific male is Y-dependent in two strains of laboratory mice (NZB and CBA/H). We provide evidence that the non-pseudoautosomal region of the Y is not involved and that only the(More)
During the course of a study aiming to obtain a tetracycline (Tet)-inducible transgene expression restricted to the placenta, we have observed a toxicity of doxycycline (dox) given in the food at doses of 2.5–10 mg/g to pregnant mice from two different inbred strains. During the second half of gestation, dox-fed non-transgenic mice presented placental(More)
To determine the effect of the duration and severity of hypertension on arterial wall metabolism 28 enzyme activities and several macromolecular complexes were histochemically studied in normotensive (WK), moderately (SHR) and strongly hypertensive (SP-SHR) rats at various ages. The results indicate that the abnormalities of 5' nucleotidase, acid esterase,(More)
This study examined the relationship among aggression towards lactating intruders, castration and brain GABA levels in three strains of mice (C57, C3H and CBA). Both C57 and C3H (but not CBA) animals showed reduced attack latencies following castration. C57 mice showed the highest intensity of this behavior and the response was almost absent in the CBA(More)