René M. Roy

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Galectin-3 is unique among the galectin family of animal lectins in its biological activities and structure. Most members of the galectin family including galectin-1 possess apoptotic activities, whereas galectin-3 possesses anti-apoptotic activity. Galectin-3 is also the only chimera type galectin and consists of a nonlectin N-terminal domain and a(More)
Blastomyces adhesin-1 (BAD-1) is a 120-kD surface protein on B. dermatitidis yeast. We show here that BAD-1 contains 41 tandem repeats and that deleting even half of them impairs fungal pathogenicity. According to NMR, the repeats form tightly folded 17-amino acid loops constrained by a disulfide bond linking conserved cysteines. Each loop contains a highly(More)
Newborns are at increased risk of overwhelming infection, yet the mechanisms underlying this susceptibility are incompletely defined. In this study we report a striking 1- to 3-log decrease in sensitivity of monocytes in human neonatal cord blood, compared with monocytes in adult peripheral blood, to the TNF-alpha-inducing effect of multiple TLR ligands,(More)
Glycoconjugate vaccines provide effective prophylaxis against bacterial infections. To date, however, no commercial vaccine has been available in which the key carbohydrate antigens are produced synthetically. We describe the large-scale synthesis, pharmaceutical development, and clinical evaluation of a conjugate vaccine composed of a synthetic capsular(More)
Human newborns are susceptible to microbial infection and mount poor vaccine responses, yet the mechanisms underlying their susceptibility are incompletely defined. We have previously reported that despite normal basal expression of TLRs and associated signaling intermediates, human neonatal cord blood monocytes demonstrate severe impairment in TNF-alpha(More)
The rate of coupling of oligosaccharides having aldose end groups to protein by reductive amination was significantly increased by changing the temperature and pH of the reaction, and even more significantly by the addition of borate ions. Under optimized conditions half of the lysine residues of bovine serum albumin could be derivatized by lactose in 7 h(More)
Classical multivalent neoglycoproteins have been widely used to study a great number of carbohydrate-protein interactions. The synthesis of other neoglycoconjugates with various shapes, valencies, and conformations has reached considerable levels of sophistication and holds promise as a new tool for glycobiology and biomedical applications. Within the last(More)
Chitin exposure in the lung induces eosinophilia and alternative activation of macrophages and is correlated with allergic airway disease. However, the mechanism underlying chitin-induced polarization of macrophages is poorly understood. In this paper, we show that chitin induces alternative activation of macrophages in vivo but does not do so directly in(More)
Starburst glycodendrimers offer the potential to serve as high-affinity ligands for clinically relevant sugar receptors. In order to define areas of application, their binding behavior towards sugar receptors with differential binding-site orientation but identical monosaccharide specificity must be evaluated. Using poly(amidoamine) starburst dendrimers of(More)
Phase transfer catalyzed reaction was used for the high yielding synthesis of aryl 1-thio-beta-d-galacto- and lacto-pyranosides carrying a panel of substituents on the phenyl groups. Best galectin-1 inhibitors were simple p-nitrophenyl thiogalactoside 5a for the monosaccharide and o-nitrophenyl thiolactoside 6f or napthylsulfonyl lactoside 8c, both being 20(More)