René L. Chioléro

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An optimal target for glucose control in ICU patients remains unclear. This prospective randomized controlled trial compared the effects on ICU mortality of intensive insulin therapy (IIT) with an intermediate glucose control. Adult patients admitted to the 21 participating medico-surgical ICUs were randomized to group 1 (target BG 7.8–10.0 mmol/L) or to(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of intravenous fluconazole for the prevention of intra-abdominal Candida infections in high-risk surgical patients. DESIGN Randomized, prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. SETTING Two university-affiliated hospitals in Switzerland. PATIENTS Forty-nine surgical patients with recurrent(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Critically ill patients with complicated evolution are frequently hypermetabolic, catabolic, and at risk of underfeeding. The study aimed at assessing the relationship between energy balance and outcome in critically ill patients. METHODS Prospective observational study conducted in consecutive patients staying > or = 5 days in the(More)
The present study assessed the relative contribution of each body segment to whole body fat-free mass (FFM) and impedance and explored the use of segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis to estimate segmental tissue composition. Multiple frequencies of whole body and segmental impedances were measured in 51 normal and overweight women. Segmental tissue(More)
PURPOSE To assess the prognostic value of admission perfusion computed tomography (CT) in patients with severe head trauma. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective study included 130 patients with severe trauma, aged 19-86 years, admitted with a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 8 or less. They underwent perfusion CT as part of their admission CT survey.(More)
Infections remain the leading cause of death after major burns. Trace elements are involved in immunity and burn patients suffer acute trace element depletion after injury. In a previous nonrandomized study, trace element supplementation was associated with increased leukocyte counts and shortened hospital stays. This randomized, placebo-controlled trial(More)
Pulmonary edema may be classified as increased hydrostatic pressure edema, permeability edema with diffuse alveolar damage (DAD), permeability edema without DAD, or mixed edema. Pulmonary edema has variable manifestations. Postobstructive pulmonary edema typically manifests radiologically as septal lines, peribronchial cuffing, and, in more severe cases,(More)
BACKGROUND Adaptive support ventilation (ASV) is a microprocessor-controlled mode of mechanical ventilation that maintains a predefined minute ventilation with an optimal breathing pattern (tidal volume and rate) by automatically adapting inspiratory pressure and ventilator rate to changes in the patient's condition. The aim of the current study was to test(More)
To study energy and protein balances in elderly patients after surgery, spontaneous energy and protein intake and resting energy expenditure (REE) were measured in 20 elderly female patients with a femoral neck fracture (mean age 81 +/- 4, SD, range 74-87 years; weight 53 +/- 8, range 42-68 kg) during a 5-6 day period following surgery. REE, measured over(More)