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Understanding how and why changes propagate during engineering design is critical because most products and systems emerge from predecessors and not through clean sheet design. This paper examines a large data set from industry including 41,500 change requests that were generated during the design of a complex sensor system spanning a period of 8 years. In(More)
Systemic and orbital reticulum cell sarcomas (RCSs) have been shown to be derived from lymphocytes, not reticulum cells or histiocytes, by immunologic and cytochemical characterization. Unfortunately, until now it has not been technically possible to study intraocular RCS. We have been able to immunologically characterize a primary intraocular RCS in a(More)
A method is described for determining the cytotoxicity of normal and autologous lymphocytes for 51Cr-labeled isolated parenchymal liver cells in a low aggressor to target cell ratio. Results were compared from patients with chronic active liver disease (CALD), chronic persistent hepatitis (CPH), miscellaneous liver diseases, or primary biliary cirrhosis(More)
We examined the immunologic phenotype and function of bronchoalveolar lymphocytes isolated from 4 pigeon breeders who developed symptoms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis on exposure to pigeons, and 6 asymptomatic but equally exposed individuals. Similar numbers of bronchoalveolar lymphocytes were found in symptomatic breeders compared with the asymptomatic,(More)
This paper describes research on the use of multiple views for modelling products and processes in the design of complex products. Single visual representations of design models only provide a limited perspective, hiding important information from the designer. Based on an industrial case study with an engine company, the utility of multiple views in(More)
A flow cytometric immunofluorescence procedure utilizing a specific antibody to rat adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase (LPL) was developed to quantify differentiated and undifferentiated preadipocytes present in the adipose tissue vascular stroma. This method is highly sensitive and specific for cells capable of synthesizing LPL in significant quantities.(More)