René Hoffmann

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ProSAT (for Protein Structure Annotation Tool) is a tool to facilitate interactive visualization of non-structure-based functional annotations in protein 3D structures. It performs automated mapping of the functional annotations onto the protein structure and allows functional sites to be readily identified upon visualization. The current version of ProSAT(More)
The Ammonoidea is a group of extinct cephalopods ideal to study evolution through deep time. The evolution of the planispiral shell and complexly folded septa in ammonoids has been thought to have increased the functional surface area of the chambers permitting enhanced metabolic functions such as: chamber emptying, rate of mineralization and increased(More)
The evolution of complexly folded septa in ammonoids has long been a controversial topic. Explanations of the function of these folded septa can be divided into physiological and mechanical hypotheses with the mechanical functions tending to find widespread support. The complexity of the cephalopod shell has made it difficult to directly test the mechanical(More)
The precise measurement of leg length and leg length discrepancies (LLD) plays an important role in the examination of lumbar spine and lower extremities. Those real LLD which may be posttraumatic or idiopathic, can sometimes hardly be differentiated from LLD caused by spinal scoliosis or malposition. Although there is no final agreement, to which extent a(More)
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