René Georges Schwarz

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Sympathetic nervous system function was studied in patients with primary depressive illness. Tritiated norepinephrine was used to measure the rate of entry to plasma of norepinephrine released from sympathetic nerves ("norepinephrine spillover rate"), and to assess the neuronal uptake of norepinephrine by studying the removal of norepinephrine from plasma.(More)
BACKGROUND The sympathetic nervous system has long been believed to be involved in the pathogenesis of panic disorder, but studies to date, most using peripheral venous catecholamine measurements, have yielded conflicting and equivocal results. We tested sympathetic nervous function in patients with panic disorder by using more sensitive methods. METHODS(More)
Patients with panic disorder often complain of angina-like chest pain during panic attacks, but this is not usually considered life-threatening. We describe three patients with panic disorder and documented cardiac ischaemia during episodes of chest pain. In two, it progressed to myocardial infarction. As none had atherosclerosis evident at coronary(More)
Physiologic alterations of the cardiovascular system during normal pregnancy are the basis of all discussions about the problem of preeclampsia and treatment. The main point has to be the sufficient blood supply to the fetus. In this review cardiovascular alterations in high and low pressure system have been reported. High arterial blood pressure, elevated(More)
RhoA and RhoC are highly related Rho GTPases, but differentially control cellular behaviour. We combined molecular, cellular, and biochemical experiments to characterise differences between these highly similar GTPases. Our findings demonstrate that enhanced expression of RhoC results in a striking increase in the migration and invasion of pancreatic(More)
We report a case of an EBV-associated high grade B-cell lymphoproliferative disorder occurring in the synovial membrane of an elderly patient with gout arthropathy. The EBV-infected B-cells displayed a pattern of viral gene expression (EBNA2+/LMP1+) typically seen during primary EBV-infection and in lymphoproliferations occurring in immunosuppressed(More)
Among other complications, diabetes mellitus leads to peripheral vascular disease with the risk of limb amputation. This retrospective study analyzed the incidence of amputations after simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation (SPK). Between June 1994 and February 2001, 200 SPKs, nine pancreas-after-kidney- (PAK) and one pancreas transplantation alone(More)
Various immunosuppressive regimens aim to reduce the incidence of acute rejection after liver transplantation. The efficacy of antithymocyte globulin (ATG) induction therapy and short-term effects on the cellular response have been demonstrated in several studies. Nevertheless, information about long-term effects of ATG therapy on cellular responses and(More)
1. The rate of spill-over of noradrenaline to plasma, and neuronal noradrenaline uptake, which influences spill-over, were studied in patients with essential hypertension and depressive illness. 2. Noradrenaline spill-over was increased in seven of thirty-four patients with essential hypertension and five of eleven patients with primary depressive illness,(More)