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Through a comprehensive literature review, this article identifies and discusses barriers to recruitment and retention of faculty of color. Marginalization, racism and sexism manifested as unintended barriers are presented as a few of the barriers faculty of color face in successfully navigating the tenure process. Informed by this literature review, we(More)
Linear Time Invariant (LTI) Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) stable systems modeled in bond graph and described by their junction structures, are considered. Junction structures for the sensitivity and complementary sensitivity functions, are proposed. These structures are function of the free parameter of the family of stabilizing compensators, and allow to(More)
In the southwestern United States (US), the Rio Grande chub (Gila pandora) is state-listed as a fish species of greatest conservation need and federally listed as sensitive due to habitat alterations and competition with non-native fishes. Characterizing genetic diversity, genetic population structure, and effective number of breeders will assist with(More)
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