René Charles

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AIMS The aim of this study is to investigate the safety and effectiveness of Excimer laser-assisted lead extraction in Europe. The final European multi-centre study experience is presented. METHOD AND RESULTS The Excimer is a cool cutting laser (50 degrees C) with a wavelength of 308 nm. The energy is emitted from the tip of a flexible sheath and is(More)
The impact of chikungunya virus (CHIKV) infection on diabetic patients (DPs) has not been described. We aimed to compare clinical features of CHIKV infection in DPs and nondiabetic patients (NDPs), and to evaluate its effects on glycemic control among DPs. We recorded clinical information and, in DPs, glycemic control. Forty-six DPs and 53 NDPs aged ≥ 20(More)
The status of nose bleeding as a symptom of high blood pressure has been studied in patients admitted because of epistaxis. Twenty-six patients with a factor predisposing to nasal bleeding had age- and sex-adjusted systolic and diastolic scores similar to those of the general population. One hundred and sixty-eight patients with no such factor formed a(More)
1 Athletes may use benzodiazepines before events to improve sleep, but these drugs may adversely affect performance. 2 Nitrazepam (10 mg) and temazepam (30 mg) were compared with placebo in 27 physical education students, (14 males, 13 females). Treatments were administered at night, using a double-blind, double dummy protocol, for 9 nights. Observations(More)
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