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Experiments previously reported in the literature suggest that people with dyslexia have a deficit in categorical perception. However, it is still unclear whether the deficit is specific to the perception of speech sounds or whether it more generally affects auditory function. In order to investigate the relationship between categorical perception and(More)
Perceptual discrimination between speech sounds belonging to different phoneme categories is better than that between sounds falling within the same category. This property, known as "categorical perception," is weaker in children affected by dyslexia. Categorical perception develops from the predispositions of newborns for discriminating all potential(More)
Approaches to characterizing and explaining the diverse phonologies of the world's languages usually begin with data from the analysis of speech signals or from the results of speech production and perception experiments. In the present paper, the dynamic acoustic properties that arise from changing the shape of a simple acoustic tube 18cm length (without(More)