René C. Valenzuela

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The presence of a condensate in dryer cylinders during the startup produces an important increase of the required torque and power that adversely affects the drive and mechanical components of the drive train. This paper presents a complete evaluation of the condensate effects in an experimental setup with a 380-mm-diameter cylinder, during operation(More)
With the increasingly stringent contractual requirements placed on system availability in urban and intercity passenger rail systems, and the emergence of public-private partnerships with maintenance contracts over periods of 25 years or more, rail system suppliers such as ALSTOM Transport now adopt an integrated logistic support (ILS) vision, where the(More)
The role of HLA in susceptibility to affective disorders was assessed by sib pair linkage analysis and by association studies. Unipolar Disorder (UD) and Bipolar Disorder (BD) were studied separately. Both the sib pair data and the antigen frequency distribution suggested an HLA-linked susceptibility to UD. For BD however, the HLA haplotype sharing(More)
To accurately estimate the reliability of highly reliable rail systems and comply with contractual obligations, rail system suppliers such as ALSTOM require efficient reliability estimation techniques. Standard Monte-Carlo methods in their crude form are inefficient in estimating static network reliability of highly reliable systems. Importance Sampling(More)
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