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Business Models for Sustainable Technologies: Exploring Business Model Evolution in the Case of Electric Vehicles
Sustainable technologies challenge prevailing business practices, especially in industries that depend heavily on the use of fossil fuels. Firms are therefore in need of business models thatExpand
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Value Propositions for Disruptive Technologies: Reconfiguration Tactics in the Case of Electric Vehicles
Disruptive technologies tend to underperform on attributes that are considered as key attributes of incumbent technologies and require new value propositions to increase mainstream customer appeal.Expand
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Same, same, but different!? A systematic review of the literature on digital transformation
Digital Transformation (DT) has become a relevant topic for organizations, industries and society. Expand
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Timing-based business models for flexibility creation in the electric power sector
Energy policies in many countries push for an increase in the generation of wind and solar power. Along these developments, the balance between supply and demand becomes more challenging as theExpand
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The Role of Public and Private Protection in Disruptive Innovation: The Automotive Industry and the Emergence of Low‐Emission Vehicles
In the automotive industry, the need to move toward more sustainable trajectories of innovation has received much attention. Car manufacturers have started to develop lower emission alternatives forExpand
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Business Models for Sustainable Innovation: A Study of the Emergence of Electric Vehicles
Sustainable innovations increasingly gain importance and challenge incumbents’ business practices, particularly in carbon-intensive industries. Due to path dependencies incumbents struggle to desig...
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The institutional evolution process of the global solar industry: The role of public and private actors in creating institutional shifts
Abstract This study takes an institutional perspective on industry creation, which argues that an industry’s maturation relies on a process of building legitimacy and establishing rules forExpand
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The article discusses the use of the sustainable value perspective in the development of a framework that extends the green information technology/information science (IT/IS) discourse beyondExpand
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Research on Sustainable Business Model Patterns: Status quo, Methodological Issues, and a Research Agenda
This chapter describes avenues for future research to develop a “sustainable business model pattern language.” The chapter reflects on how sustainable business model (SBM) patterns can be identified,Expand
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Car firms and low-emission vehicles: The evolution of incumbents’ strategies in relation to policy developments
This dissertation explores the developments in the international car industry from 1997 to 2010 in relation to low-emission vehicles, with specific attention to electric vehicles. More specifically,Expand
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