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Traffic flow on freeways is a nonlinear, many-particle phenomenon, with complex interactions between the vehicles. This paper presents a stochastic hybrid model of freeway traffic at a time scale and at a level of detail suitable for on-line flow estimation, for routing and ramp metering control. The model describes the evolution of continuous and discrete(More)
In recent years both industry and the academic world are becoming more and more interested in techniques to model, analyse and control complex systems such as flexible production systems, parallel processing systems, railway traffic networks and so on. This kind of systems are typical examples of discrete event dynamic systems, the subject of an emerging(More)
This paper proposes an interval approach to vehicular traffic flow modeling. The developed interval compositional model (ICM) provides a natural way of predicting traffic flows without the assumption of uniform distribution of vehicles along the road. The model can be used for real-time prediction of traffic flows and can be part of road traffic(More)
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