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„IMIC“ (Innovative Movement Therapy in Childhood) is a translational research and development project that is specialized in creating a motivating locomotion rehabilitation setting for children with neurological disorders and cognitive limitations in an interdisciplinary context. “IMIC” was founded in 2010 by an interdisciplinary cooperation of movement(More)
This article discusses the theory and operations of Gestalt Therapy from the viewpoint of learning theory. General comparative issues are elaborated as well as the concepts of introjection, retroflextion, confluence, and projection. Principles and techniques of Gestalt Therapy are discussed in terms of learning theory paradigm. Practical implications of the(More)
Through the evolution of digital technology, social networks and<lb>internet, cultural memory has been transformed, both in rela-<lb>tion to how memories are represented, and how they may be<lb>engaged with or re-experienced. exploring these transformations, this paper will introduce<lb>Rendezvous, a practice-based research project developed(More)
We present a novel method for real-time stylized rendering in video games. Recent advances in painterly character authoring and rendering allow artists to create characters represented by 3D geometry as well as 3D paint strokes embedded on and around that geometry. The resulting 3D paintings are rendered in screen space using special-purpose offline(More)
&#x201C;RehabConnex&#x201D; is a middleware product, developed specifically to facilitate communication between hardware devices and multimodal game applications used in movement therapy and physical exercise. &#x201C;RehabConnex&#x201C; is the core key development of the &#x201C;IMIC&#x201D;-project (Innovative Movement Therapy in Childhood), created by an(More)
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