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Handoff latency affects the service quality of real-time applications. Mobile IP presents the standard mobility management protocol to support the mobility in IP-based systems. However, mobile IP is not adequate for delay sensitive applications. The mobile IP fast authentication protocol (MIFA) is proposed to avoid the problems of mobile IP and to match the(More)
Latency during handoffs affects the service quality of real-time applications, therefore the developing of mobility management protocols is a major challenge in the wireless network. In this paper we propose a fast and smooth handoff scheme called MIFA (Mobile IP Fast Authentication protocol), which reduces the latency of re-authentication and(More)
The paper provides a proposal for an MPLS-based transport network for future Radio Access Networks (RANs) and compares this with a regular IP-based transport network. Our MPLS-based approach takes into account the specific needs of current and future RANs especially with respect to QoS requirements and flexibility. In the paper we compare the MPLS-based(More)
Diese Publikationen und alle in ihr enthaltenen Beiträge und Abbildungen sind urheberrechtlich geschützt. Mit Ausnahme der gesetzlich zugelassenen Fälle ist eine Verwertung ohne Einwilligung der Redaktion strafbar. ABSTRACT All-IP networks are becoming increased interest for commercial mobile networks. These networks connect the various communication(More)