Renán F Orellana

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Neurophysiological and behavioral development is particularly complex in adolescence. Youngsters experience strong emotions and impulsivity, reduced self-control, and preference for actions which offer immediate rewards, among other behavioral patterns. Given the growing interest in endocrine effects on adolescent central nervous system development and(More)
An increase in circulating platelets, or thrombocytosis, is recognized as an independent risk factor of bad prognosis and metastasis in patients with ovarian cancer; however the complex role of platelets in tumor progression has not been fully elucidated. Platelet activation has been associated with an epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), while(More)
The acrosome reaction (AR) is influenced by the action of several molecules such as GABA, P 4 , and E 2. Objective: to determine the interaction between GABA / E 2 , and GABA / P 4 in the AR. Methods: Washed human spermatozoa capacitated for 2 h were incubated in the following conditions: BWW medium alone (control) or BWW plus: P 4, E 2, GABA, GABA+ P 4 or(More)
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