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Nanoparticulate material delivery to plants
The successful application of various nanoplatforms in medicine under in vitro conditions has generated some interest in agri-nanotechnology. This technology holds the promise of controlled releaseExpand
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Mechanistic evaluation of translocation and physiological impact of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles on the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) plant.
Sustainable use of nanotechnology for agricultural practice requires an understanding of the plant's life cycle and potential toxicological impacts of nanomaterials. The main objective of this studyExpand
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Uptake of FITC Labeled Silica Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots by Rice Seedlings: Effects on Seed Germination and Their Potential as Biolabels for Plants
The use of fluorescent nanomaterials with good photostability and biocompatibility in live imaging of cells has gained increased attention. Even though several imaging techniques have been reportedExpand
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AS1411 aptamer tagged PLGA‐lecithin‐PEG nanoparticles for tumor cell targeting and drug delivery
Liposomes and polymers are widely used drug carriers for controlled release since they offer many advantages like increased treatment effectiveness, reduced toxicity and are of biodegradable nature.Expand
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Intrinsic Functional Connectivity of the Brain in Adults with a Single Cerebral Hemisphere
SUMMARY A reliable set of functional brain networks is found in healthy people and thought to underlie our cognition, emotion, and behavior. Here, we investigated these networks by quantifyingExpand
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Effects of Nanoparticles on Plant Growth and Development
Nanomaterials provide great opportunities in the field of agriculture because of their unique physicochemical properties. The interaction of nanoparticles with plants results in severalExpand
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ABC Transporter Genes Show Upregulated Expression in Drug-Resistant Clinical Isolates of Candida auris: A Genome-Wide Characterization of ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) Transporter Genes
ATP-binding cassette (ABC) superfamily members have a key role as nutrient importers and exporters in bacteria. However, their role as drug exporters in eukaryotes brought this superfamily member toExpand
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Multidrug transporters of Candida species in clinical azole resistance.
Over-expression of the human P-glycoprotein (P-gp) in tumor cells is a classic example of an ABC protein serving as a hindrance to effective chemotherapy. The existence of proteins homologous to P-gpExpand
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Size tuning and oxygen plasma induced pore formation on silica nanoparticles
Abstract Silica nanoparticles have been prepared from tetraethylorthosilicate dissolved in ethanol followed by base-catalyzed condensation. Earlier works reported that at least four parameters,Expand
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