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In many distribution networks, it is vital that time windows in which deliveries are made are assigned to customers for the long term. However, at the moment of assigning time windows demand is not known. In this paper we introduce the time window assignment vehicle routing problem, the TWAVRP. In this problem time windows have to be assigned before demand(More)
The capacitated vehicle routing problem is to find a routing schedule describing the order in which geographically dispersed customers are visited to satisfy demand by supplying goods stored at the depot, such that the traveling costs are minimized. In many practical applications , a long term routing schedule has to be made for operational purposes, often(More)
In the oil industry, different oil components are blended in a refinery to fuel products. These products are transported to different harbors by ship. Due to the limited storage capacity at the harbors and the undesirability of a stock-out, inventory levels at the harbors have to be taken into account during the construction of the ship routes. In this(More)
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