Remy Spliet

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In many distribution networks, it is vital that time windows in which deliveries are made are assigned to customers for the long term. However, at the moment of assigning time windows demand is not known. In this paper we introduce the time window assignment vehicle routing problem, the TWAVRP. In this problem time windows have to be assigned before demand(More)
Blue ocean strategy seeks to turn strategic management on its head by replacing ‘competitive advantage’ with ‘value innovation’ as the primary goal where firms must create consumer demand and exploit untapped markets. Empirical analysis has been focused on case study evidence and so lacks generality to resolve the debate. We provide a methodological(More)
This paper presents a branch-and-cut algorithm for the Time Window Assignment Vehicle Routing Problem (TWAVRP), the problem of assigning time windows for delivery before demand volume becomes known. A novel set of valid inequalities, the precedence inequalities, is introduced and multiple separation heuristics are presented. In our numerical experiments the(More)