Remy Leconge

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A new Adaptive Switching Median (ASWM) filter for removing impulse noise from corrupted images is presented. The originality of ASWM is that no a priori Threshold is needed as in the case of a classical Switching Median filter. Instead, Threshold is computed locally from image pixels intensity values in a sliding window. Results show that ASWM provides(More)
Asepsis preservation in operating rooms is essential for limiting patient infection by hospital-acquired diseases. For health reasons, surgeons may not be directly in contact with sterile equipment surrounding them, and must instead rely on assistants to interact with these in their place. Gesture-based Human-Computer Interfaces constitute an interesting(More)
This paper proposes a real-time pipeline for estimating the camera orientation based on vanishing points for indoor navigation assistance on a Smartphone. The orientation of embedded camera relies on the ability to find a reliable triplet of orthogonal vanishing points. The proposed pipeline introduces a novel sampling strategy among finite and infinite(More)
A high proportion of hospital-acquired diseases are transmitted nowadays during surgery despite existing asepsis preservation measures. These are quite drastic, prohibiting surgeons from interacting directly with non-sterile equipment. Indirect control is presently achieved through an assistant or a nurse. Gesture-based Human-Computer Interfaces constitute(More)
In this paper, we compare the performance of matching algorithms in terms of efficiency, robustness, and computation time. Our evaluation uses as criterion, for efficiency and robustness, number of inliers and is carried out for different video sequences with abrupt motions (translation, rotation, combined). We compare SIFT, SURF, cross-correlation with(More)
Bioluminescence imaging is a recent modality to visualize biological effects more especially for small animals. However the acquired images are degraded by diffusion and absorption phenomena from the tissue and by the acquisition system itself. In this paper, we use restoration methods to enhance the quality of bioluminescence images. We propose a model for(More)
One of the particle filtering uses is object tracking since this technique permits to deal with uncertainty over time met in real time image sequences framework. This uncertainty is as much non-manageable that an object occlusion appears in images. In this paper, we propose an occlusion-handling scheme which significantly improves the tracking performance(More)
To improve spatial resolution in in vivo bioluminescence imaging, a photon scattering correction, image restoration method was tested. The chosen algorithm was tested on in vivo bioluminescent images acquired on three representative tumor models: subcutaneous, pulmonary, and disseminated peritoneal. Tumor size was chosen as a quantitative criterion, such(More)