Remy Boyer

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A simple, inexpensive method of displaying electroencephalographic (EEG) dipole sources on magnetic resonance images (MRIs) is presented. It consists of measuring the head according to the 10-20 system but instead of placing electrodes, benzonatate capsules (Tessalon Perles) (100 mg) are affixed to the patient's scalp. MRI is obtained with the capsules in(More)
Conditions: o An outstanding and highly motivated candidate is solicited in the SATIE laboratory of ENS Cachan and signals and system laboratory (L2S) of Paris XI University-SUPELEC for a 6 months internship.or equivalent) level with background in signal processing, probability, statistics, or information theory are encouraged to apply. Good mathematical(More)
The prime goal of steganography is undetectability. It means that the warden of the Simmons prisoners' problem cannot decide if the embedded message – sent by Alice to Bob – is present or not in the stego-content. This problem of evaluating whether the warden is able to detect the presence of a hidden message or not has been formalized based on the(More)
The Damped and Delayed Sinusoidal (DDS) model is suitable for modeling compactly short time events (as the audio transient for instance). This property is closely related to its ability to reduce the time-support of each sinusoidal component. In this work, we derive an analytical and numerical conditional CRB for this model. In particular, we show that this(More)
Digital watermarking is often modelled as the transmission of a message over a noisy channel denoted as " watermark channel ". Distorsions introduced by the watermark channel result mainly from attacks but, depending on the attack, may include interference from the original signal. One of the main differences with classical transmission situations comes(More)
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