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We present the evolution of our prototype for a new generation of circumstance recognition system. This prototype provides the driver a 3D representation of the scene surrounding his vehicle. We focus essentially on the improvement of quality and robustness of the set of 3D points reconstructed by tracking from acquisitions and on a process of obstacle(More)
Backing-up accidents are responsible for about 120 deaths and more than 6000 injuries every year in the US. IMRA-Europe has been working on a static obstacles detection system for a few years now. We propose to complement this with a system capable of detecting and localizing in real-time moving obstacles even when the vehicle is moving. This system is(More)
Autonomous robot navigation has many applications such as space exploration and autonomous vehicles. Currently, such navigation is ensured by the use of multiple sensors which may hinder quick commercialization. In this article, we propose a solution for navigating a robot in an unknown environment using only monocular vision algorithms.
Pedestrian recognition is one of the key components for assisted and autonomous driving. So far many researchers have investigated systems combining a high density LIDAR with cameras or stereo, which results in an expensive and complex setup where the LIDAR data is mostly used to extract regions of interest for the 2D sensor. Very few work has focused on(More)
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