Rempei Suwa

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The self-thinning process was monitored in crowded Kandelia obovata Sheue, Liu & Yong stands over four years. The frequency distribution of tree phytomass was an L-shape, which was kept over the experimental period. Spearman's rank correlation coefficient for phytomass decreased as the time span of the comparison became longer, a result which indicates that(More)
Allometric models to estimate biomass components such as stem mass Ms, foliage mass Ml, root mass Mr and aboveground mass Ma, were developed for the palm species Euterpe precatoria Mart., which is the most abundant tree species in the Amazon. We harvested twenty palms including above-and below-ground parts in an old growth Amazonian forest in Brazil. The(More)
The wave attenuation function of a Japanese black pine forest was evaluated based on its growth at different initial planting densities (P ini) using the spatially explicit, individual-based, dynamic global vegetation model. The forest dynamics were simulated for 150 years utilizing datasets for tree density and stem diameter at different stand ages(More)
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