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The scaling of respiratory metabolism with body mass is one of the most pervasive phenomena in biology. Using a single allometric equation to characterize empirical scaling relationships and to evaluate alternative hypotheses about mechanisms has been controversial. We developed a method to directly measure respiration of 271 whole plants, spanning nine(More)
The self-thinning process was monitored in crowded Kandelia obovata Sheue, Liu & Yong stands over four years. The frequency distribution of tree phytomass was an L-shape, which was kept over the experimental period. Spearman's rank correlation coefficient for phytomass decreased as the time span of the comparison became longer, a result which indicates that(More)
The wave attenuation function of a Japanese black pine forest was evaluated based on its growth at different initial planting densities (P ini) using the spatially explicit, individual-based, dynamic global vegetation model. The forest dynamics were simulated for 150 years utilizing datasets for tree density and stem diameter at different stand ages(More)
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