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Software product lines have potential to allow for mass customization of products. Unfortunately, the resulting, vast amount of possible product variants with commonalities and differences leads to new challenges in software testing. Ideally, every product variant should be tested, especially in safety-critical systems. However, due to the exponentially(More)
Software product line (SPL) testing is a challenging task, due to the huge number of variants sharing common functionalities to be taken into account for efficient testing. By adopting the concept of regression testing, incremental SPL testing strategies cope with this challenge by exploiting the reuse potential of test artifacts between subsequent variants(More)
Variability of modern software systems increases potential sources of errors and demands appropriate quality assurance strategies. In order to reduce the test effort when testing software product lines, incremental model-based testing strategies have been proposed, based on the conceptual ideas of delta modeling. It requires executable system specifications(More)
Regression testing is the common task of retesting software that has been changed or extended (e.g., by new features) during software evolution. As retesting the whole program is not feasible with reasonable time and cost, usually only a subset of all test cases is executed for regression testing, e.g., by executing test cases according to test case(More)
Moderne Fahrerassistenzsysteme (FAS) werden immer komplexer. Wegen ihres sicherheitskritischen Charakters müssen sie ausgiebig getestet werden, um Se-rienreife zu erreichen. Das Testen von FAS bringt verschiedene Herausforderungen mit sich, dië uberwunden werden müssen. Wir stellen in diesem Artikel Herausforde-rungen aus verschiedenen Domänen vor und(More)
Software product lines (SPL) capture commonalities and variabilities of product families and, thus, enable mass customization of product variants according to customers desired configurations. However, they introduce new challenges to software testing due to a potentially large number of variants. While each variant should be tested, testing resources are(More)
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