Remo Aslak Burkhard

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Purpose – The purpose of this article is to explore the potential of visualization for corporate knowledge management. Design/methodology/approach – The employed methodology consists of a taxonomy of visualization formats that are embedded in a conceptual framework to guide the application of visualization in knowledge management according to the type of(More)
This paper presents a framework and three case studies on knowledge maps in organizations. In organizations, speed, clarity, and effectiveness are essential for the transfer of knowledge. Today, mainly text is used. This paper illustrates how knowledge maps, a subset of knowledge visualization, help to transfer strategic knowledge in organizations. First,(More)
The research scope in concept mapping research can be extended with the investigation of complementary concept mapping approaches which are visual representations that complement the classical node link diagrams from Novak. To do so, concept mapping researchers can draw inspiration from architects. This article presents four strategies of architects to map(More)
This work focuses on an aspect which has been neglected, but which is decisive: the transfer of knowledge to different stakeholders; especially the transfer of insights derived from information visualization tools. In knowledge management, the transfer of knowledge is a core process, which can be improved by using our innate abilities to process visual(More)
In this paper, we describe a tool to improve inter-functional communication of project plans by displaying them as a metro map. Our tool automatically lays out plans using a multicriteria system adapted for the application area. Previous studies have shown that displaying project plans using a metro map metaphor as a complementary visualization to Gantt(More)
This article introduces two theoretical concepts for the emerging field Knowledge Visualization and discusses a new visualization application that was used to communicate a long-term project to various stakeholders in an organization. First, we introduce a theoretical framework and a model for Knowledge Visualization. The framework and the model identify(More)
This paper compares the effectiveness of the Project Tube Map and the Gantt Chart for interfunctional communication in large projects where different stakeholders are involved. Today, Gantt Charts are well known in project management. However, the use of Gantt Charts has limitations: It fails in motivational aspects, it has difficulties to illustrate who is(More)